Smarter Balanced Test Info

Hockinson Smarter Balanced Testing Windows 
subject to change


  • 3rd Grade ELA and Math; May 9-27, 2016
  • 4th Grade ELA and Math; May 9-27, 2016
  • 5th Grade ELA and Math; May 9-27, 2016

Other Testing: 5th Grade Science (MSP test); April/May 2016

Middle School

  • Grades 6 - 8 ELA and Math; Mid May 2016

    Other Testing: 8th Grade Science (MSP test); April/May 2016

High School

  • All 10th & 11th Grade Students ELA; Late May 2016
  • All 11th Grade Students Math; Late May 2016

    Other Testing: Math and Biology EOCs; Early June 2016

    AP Testing: Early May 2016

Please note: All schools will have scheduled make-up days for this testing which may be within the windows listed above or directly after these dates.

General Information Documents

Ready. Set. Succeed - Video

ReadyWA - Hot Topic - Common Core

Ready WA - Common Core Standards

Smarter Balanced Adaptive Software

Smarter Balanced Core Componets

Smarter Balanced Parents Factsheet

Practice Tests


1. Click on the image above to go to the website
2. Click on Practice and Training Tests (right hand side)
3. Click on Student Interface Practice and Training Tests (bottom right)
4. Click Sign In (no need to enter any information)
5. Select the Grade Level and choose Yes
6. Choose which test you would like to view

Practice Tests = show samples of the content of questions students may encounter (Math and ELA focused)

Training Tests = allow the students to practice the different question types they will see, allows teachers to teach them how to navigate the test engine (technology focused)

Performance Task = Student applies thinking and problem solving in ELA and Math

ELA = English Language Arts

Math = Mathematics