Board Of Education

Tim Hawkins (District 1)
Tim Hawkins
Title: Director
Phone: (360) 901-5782

Elected/Appointed: 09/28/2020

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

“I'm a proud 17-year resident of Hockinson, relocated from Wisconsin. I've graduated three children through HSD over that time. My wife is secretary to Principal Andy Schoonover at HHS. I'm a 30-year leadership and marketing executive, currently serving as Executive Director of Creative Arts at Summit View Church.”

2. What drives your passion for education and for serving on the HSD Board?  

“We chose to live in Hockinson years ago, solely because of the reputation of the school district. It was the best in the county at that time. As a result, my entire family has been formed and transformed because of the teachers, leaders, and community that makes up the HSD. My passion for the board now is based on the opportunity to give back to my community the joy of what former boards and former leaders created for me and my family.”

3. What contribution to HSD schools are you most proud of?

“As a very new member of the board, I don't have many immediate contributions or past memories. My current engagement in helping to reopen our schools is very challenging, but will be very rewarding when we see kids back in school, learning from our great teachers and staff. I'm looking forward to the day when we can reminisce about how we led through the greatest crisis of our time to keep HSD a great place to learn and live.”

4. What about the Hockinson community inspires you?  

“I'm inspired by the history of our area and what culture and attitudes have made an impression. We were founded by Scandinavian immigrants who found a way to create a new, meaningful, and different home for their families. They struggled and persevered to create something of excellence that we now enjoy. I’m inspired to continue this heritage for generations to come.”