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What happens if Prop. 6 doesn't pass?

Last Updated: 3/29/2019 7:51 PM

Levies are collected over calendar years (January-December) but used over school years. Hockinson has an approved levy through 2019. If voters do not approve the 2020-22 levy, the district will need to implement PHASE 1 budget cuts of approximately $1.8 million for the 2019-20 school year. This is due to the loss of levy funding and attached Local Effort Assistance (LEA) from the state.

Then, if no levy were to be passed in 2020, it would lead to additional budget cuts—PHASE 2—equaling approximately $1.2 million. This amounts to a $3 million total budget cut, beginning in the 2020-21 school year, including the loss of Local Effort Assistance funds (LEA) from the state.


What budget cuts would mean for Hockinson:



• No school resource officer or security staff

• Fewer recess aides

• Reduction in nurses and counselors

• Less facilities and field management—fewer custodians and grounds staff will mean a decline in cleanliness and maintenance

See possible specific cuts in the column to the right -->>



• Larger class sizes—fewer staff members

• Loss of specialists and their expertise

• Reduction in professional development and staff training

• Some outdated textbooks and instructional materials—students not as well-prepared for work and higher education

• Fewer support staff—less assistance available for technology, school offices and more

• Cuts from general education to reallocate funds for state-mandated programs:

Special education


See possible specific cuts in the column to the right -->>



• Loss of music, theater and academic extracurricular funding—fewer opportunities for skill development and community-building for the nearly 600 students who participate each year

• Loss of athletics funding—fewer opportunities for the 638 athletes who participate over the fall, winter and spring seasons

See possible specific cuts in the column to the right -->>

By the numbers

*The following lists have not been approved by the School Board but represent potential cuts—they are sample lists that represent the dollar amount that would need to be cut.



Beginning 2019-20 school year

A sample list of positions and budgets to be cut (approx. $1.8 million):

1 school resource officer

3 security staff

2 recess aides

1 custodian

1 maintenance staff

1 nurse

1 grounds staff

1 special education teacher

1 special education para-educator

2 librarians

1 career counselor

3 office support staff

3 instructional coaches

Paper supplies

Professional development

Curriculum purchases

37 academic & arts coaching contracts

76 athletics coaching contracts



Beginning 2020-21 school year

A sample list of positions and budgets to be cut (approx. $1.2 million) in addition to Phase 1, if the levy does not pass in April 2019 or in 2020:

3 classroom teachers

1 special education teacher

2 special education para-educators

1 counselor

3 school office staff

1 grounds staff

2 custodians

3 districtwide support staff

Additional supplies

Additional professional development