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2014-2015 Resolutions

Last Updated: 8/29/2018 5:37 PM

Resolution No. 14-15-01 Bonds for Construction and Improvement of School Facilities

Resolution No. 14-15-02 Lack of Available Space in Adjacent School Districts

Resolution No. 14-15-03 State Study and Survey

Resolution No. 14-15-04 Contractual Agreements with Architect and Project Manager for Facilities Development

Resolution No. 14-15-05 Capital Project Fund Increase

Resolution No. 14-15-06 Bond

Resolution No. 14-15-07 MS New in Leiu Replacement

Resolution No. 14-15-08 Delegating Authority to WIAA

Resolution No. 14-15-09 Authorized District Personnel

Resolution No. 14-15-10 Racial Imbalance

Resolution No. 14-15-11 Adoption of the 2015-21 Capital Facilities Plan and School Impact Fees

Resolution No. 14-15-12 Adoption and Execution of Board Policy 2418 Waiver of High School Graduation Credits

Resolution No. 14-15-13 Public Access to District Roads

Resolution No. 14-15-14 2015-16 Budget Adoption

Resolution No. 14-15-15 United School Insurance Program