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Monthly Food Focus

Last Updated: 1/6/2021 7:02 PM


Welcome 2021!


Happy New Year! We are excited to start a healthy and Happy 2021. Here's hoping you had a great Healthy break .  Are you doing anything after the holidays to get your family back on track nutritionally? Some good standby suggestions for the new year are:

 Try cooking more dinners at home.

 Drink more water.

 Include 5 servings of fruits/veggies.

 Find time to eat meals as a family.

 Exercise regularly.

 Get outside for fresh air!

 Take time daily to pause and breathe!

Hopefully this year we will have a safe enough environment to gather with family and friends a little more.


Food Focus.

This month our food focus is on CITRUS! Citrus fruits are a delicious way to help you stay well this winter. They are made up of antioxidants, which are tools your body uses to protect and prevent harm to your cells. Citrus is also packed with vitamins (especially vitamin C), which help you stay healthy.  Will will be offering   fresh oranges, clementines and grapefruit to bring a little sunshine to our January days