Transition 18-21 Program


The Successful Transitions for Exceptional People program serves students aged 18-21 who have completed the majority of their high school credit requirements but plan to attend a special education program through their twenty-first year.

Hockinson’s transition program focuses on increasing independence within employment and independent living environments.

Classroom- and community-based instruction concentrates on proficiencies within the daily living, community living, personal life and functional academics.

On-the-job training within community locations supports the growth of independence of vocationally themed skills.

Along with a Job Coach/Para educator, students plan and access recreation/leisure, public transportation and job site visits to learn about resources within their community.

The overarching goal of the transition program is to bridge the transition from high school to post-secondary environments.

If you have further questions regarding the transition program, please contact Keila Dean at 360 448-6418