Parent Volunteers Support Safety Preparedness at Hockinson School District

emergency bucket


On Wednesday, 8/24, Parents Working Together volunteers at the Hockinson Community Center filled safety buckets for Hockinson School District classrooms. For use in case of an emergency, these buckets are filled with disaster preparedness items and distributed to classrooms. Volunteers make a real difference in students’ lives by completing important work alongside Hockinson School District staff. Interested in volunteering? Find more information here.


Gathered at the Hockinson Community Center, the group of parent volunteers filled 110 buckets with safety items in under 90 minutes. Participating parents loaded buckets with toilet papers, emergency blankets, glow sticks, bandages, and more. As students and teachers return to the classroom, our amazing parent volunteers are helping to support student learning by lending a hand with classroom preparation. “We’re doing this now so that the teachers can focus on preparing back-to-school lesson plans,” said parent volunteer Julie Ruhle.


Hockinson School District volunteers do it for the students. “We volunteer with Hockinson School District to support children. We all have kids in the school district,” said parent volunteer Jen Foster. “We want our kids to have a good elementary, middle, and high school experience.


Hockinson School District prepares all students for lifelong success. We appreciate the support of parent volunteers as we work to meet school and community needs.

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