HSD Redistricting Enters Final Phase


2/16 Public Notice:

The redrawn boundaries of HSD Director Districts will be presented for approval at the Feb. 28, 2022 Regular School Board Meeting.

Updated district boundaries were reviewed at the 1/31 School Board Regular Meeting. These boundaries were also a discussion topic at the 2/15 Board Work Session.  

State law requires that schools districts provide public notice at least 7 days prior to the adoption of a redistricting plan. Public comments may be conveyed in person or via email at publiccomment@hocksd.org.

Here is a LINK to the existing district boundaries based on the 2010 Census.

Here is a LINK to the proposed 2022 district boundaries based on the 2020 Census.

1/21 Public Notice:

Following every federal 10-year census, school districts in the State of Washington are required to undergo a redistricting process to update and equalize populations in their board-represented districts.



This redistricting process involves many steps, including public notification of the proposed redistricting plan.  That plan, created by a demographer contracted by the Hockinson School District, is included below.

Hockinson residents have the opportunity to comment on this redistricting plan before it goes before the Hockinson School Board at its next regular meeting on Monday, January 31, 2022.

Here is a LINK to the proposed 2022 district boundaries.

Residents can share their input on the plan by sending an email to publiccomment@hocksd.org.

Following its review by the public and the school board, the redistricting plan will be an action item at the February 28, 2022 regular school board meeting.



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