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Our Schools

Translations - Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian

Welcome to the Hockinson School District! We invite you to learn more about our schools - the reason so many families want to move here.

We seek to inspire all to live with strong core values and to become competent, responsible learners. Hockinson Schools aim to develop independent thinkers who can positively contribute to our changing world.

Our dedicated staff members are truly the heart of our district, committed to student learning, maximizing resources, and caring for our facilities. As a three-school district of nearly 2,000 students, we are proud of where we’ve been and excited about where we’re headed, with a promise to prepare students for future success.

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HSD TodayThe Hockinson community is anchored by its high-performing school system, which enjoys solid voter support and active family participation. 

Education is a lifelong experience in Hockinson Schools. Our educational commitment begins with pre-school and Transitional Kindergarten, continues through the K-12 continuum, and includes our 18-21 Transition Program and Community Education offerings.

Hockinson Schools enjoy broad-based public support through volunteering, community participation and local financial support. Our schools offer programs that enhance the natural talents, abilities and specialized learning needs of our next generation. Our teachers are always looking to create enriching opportunities and experiences beyond traditional classroom walls.

Hockinson's K-12 program embraces enrichment opportunities, including cultural experiences, charitable projects, and a variety of activities and athletics. Customized learning helps each student develop critical skills and progress in every class.

Hockinson Schools are innovating to better serve our students and families.  We have expanded early learning programs and also launched the Hockinson Virtual Academy for students who prefer an online learning experience or are unable to attend school in person. Hockinson High School offers career pathways and college-in-the-classroom opportunities in addition to its Advanced Placement and Skill Center options.

We open our public schools to our community so everyone can continue their education. Hockinson proudly supports lifelong learning for all and it shows! For this and so many other reasons, we feel Hockinson schools are the Heart of the Community. Click here to see a history of banners that illustrate the love between Hockinson and its schools.

HSD HistoryIt was the summer of 1870 when a group of citizens from the small settlement of Eureka, Washington (which would come to be known as Hockinson) gathered together to establish a public school. From this desire to educate young people in the community, a school board was born, and the seeds of Hockinson School District had been planted.

Today, over 150 years since that fateful meeting, Hockinson School District carries on a tradition of preparing all students for lifelong success. With a commitment to providing the highest quality education to all of our students, we're proud of our ability to offer a wide variety of academic pathways and of our high graduation rate, which is above 94 percent. The district takes pride in being a responsible steward of public resources and maintaining our facilities.

None of the district's successes would be possible without our dedicated teachers, staff and members of the Hockinson community. We are proud of our past and excited about our future, knowing that it will be shaped by the teaching and learning of today.

Click here to view our "A History of Hockinson Schools" Slideshow

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