Boundary Transfer Information

There are two types of student transfer choices:

Boundary (Choice) Transfers OUT of Hockinson School District: Application forms are available May 1st (or the first school day of May) for students residing in the Hockinson School District who wish to transfer out of the Hockinson School District. These forms may be picked up and submitted at the district office located at 17912 NE 159th Street, Brush Prairie, WA 98606. 

Boundary (Choice) Transfers INTO Hockinson School District: Application forms for students residing outside the Hockinson School District who wish to transfer into the Hockinson School District are available May 1st (or the first school day of May). These forms must be picked up from the school district in which the student resides. The resident school district will then forward the completed forms to the Hockinson School District Superintendent’s Office for review. Non-resident students currently attending Hockinson School District must re-apply annually to be considered for placement in Hockinson Schools for the next school year. If you plan to apply for a boundary (choice) transfer to enroll your student(s) in the District for the next school year, we encourage you to make alternate arrangements should the district be unable to accommodate the boundary (choice) transfer. 


A student who resides within the boundaries of the district shall be released to attend another school in another district by completing a Choice Transfer Request, provided the other district agrees to accept the student if: 
  1. A financial, educational, safety or health condition affecting the student would likely be reasonably improved as a result of the transfer;
  2. Attendance at the school in the nonresident district is more accessible to the parent's place of work or to the location of child care; or
  3. There is a special hardship or detrimental condition affecting the student or the student's immediate family that would be alleviated as a result of the transfer;
  4. The purpose of the transfer is for enrollment in an online course or school program offered by an OSPI-approved provider;
  5. Parent/Guardian is an employee with the requested school district.

Any student who resides outside the district but within the state of Washington may apply to attend a school in the district. A parent or guardian shall apply for admission on behalf of his or her child by completing an Application for Student Transfer to Nonresident District. All applications will be considered on an equal basis. The superintendent or designee will accept or reject an application for nonresident admission based upon the following:
  1. Whether space is available in the grade level classes, or programs in which the student would need to be enrolled are available at the requested building.
  2. Whether accepting the student would create a financial hardship for the district.
  3. Whether significant changes in services, settings, programs, or placements will be required of the district.
  4. Whether the student's attendance in the district is likely to create a risk to the health or safety of other students or staff.
  5. Whether the student's disciplinary records indicate a history of violent or disruptive behavior or gang membership or the student has a record of convictions for offenses or crimes.
  6. Whether the student has been expelled or suspended from a public school for more than 10 consecutive school days.
  7. Whether the student is currently under a suspension or expulsion from a public school.
  8. Whether the information on the application is complete or has been misrepresented.
Except for students who reside out-of-state, nonresident students of full-time certificated and/or classified school employees shall be accepted unless the nonresident student
  1. Has a history of convictions, violent or disruptive behavior, or gang membership;
  2. Has been expelled or suspended from school for more than 10 consecutive days; or
  3. Initial enrollment of a child would displace a resident student; however, once the child is admitted, that child may remain enrolled until he or she completes schooling.
If a nonresident student is accepted, and based on the student's current IEP transportation is not a related service, the student or the student's parent(s) or guardian is responsible for providing transportation for the student.

The nonresident district superintendent or designee, within 45 days of receipt of the application, shall provide all applicants with written notification of the approval or denial. Nonresident admission is for all or part of the current school year in which this application is accepted. Applicants for nonresident admission must reapply and complete a new application for the next school year. No exceptions.

If the request is denied, the parent has the right within 10 days of the denial notice to appeal the decision to the school board, if applicable, or 30 days to appeal to the superintendent of public instruction (OSPI), if applicable.

Appeal Notice - Denial or release of admission: WAC 392-137-190. Requests for appeal shall be addressed to the superintendent of the denying school district, if applicable, or the superintendent of public instruction (OSPI, 360-725-6000). All requests for appeal should contain the following: 
  1. The name, age, grade level, and residence, if any of the student.
  2. The name, mailing address, if any, and the legal relationship of the person, if any, filing the notice of appeal on behalf of the student.
  3. In the case of denial of release, documentation indicating the conditions of WAC 392-137-155 have been met and a copy of all documents or other written evidence submitted to the resident district which indicates the grounds for the requested release.
  4. In the case of denial of admission, documentation that the nonresident district has failed to comply with the standards and procedures specified in WAC 392-137-205.

NOTE: Contact the superintendent or designee of the district denying the request for specific appeal procedures.

District Boundary Map