Levy Information

On Feb. 12, 2019, Hockinson voters will decide whether to approve two School District levies.

One is a partial—but lower—replacement of an existing levy. The other is a new levy, similar to ones from 2009 to 2016.


Replacement School Programs & Operations Levy

The partial Replacement School Programs & Operations Levy would provide continued funding for basic programs and services for the next three years—2020-2022. It would help Hockinson School District keep class sizes from swelling, provide support staff that enhance student learning and keep students safe, help fund special education programs, pay for extracurricular athletics and activities, help retain quality teachers, and help pay salaries for needed teachers, instructional coaches, transportation and more.

Proposed tax rate: $1.50/$1,000 assessed value

(Compare to $3.43 in 2018 and $1.50 in 2019.)

Capital Levy for Technology and School Improvements

The Capital Levy for Technology and School Improvements would fund instructional technology and major capital items for the next three years—2020-2022. It would help the district continue to provide up-to-date technology to enhance teaching and learning for students and staff, and enable the district to maintain its facilities and steward its resources. The levy would provide scheduled technology refreshes, safety and security improvements, HVAC repairs and improvements, and building capital improvements.

Proposed tax rate:

2020: $0.45 per $1,000 AV

2021: $0.40 per $1,000 AV

2022: $0.36 per $1,000 AV

(Compare to $0.46 in 2016.)


Total school tax rates

The tax rates listed below include Hockinson School District’s levies (current and proposed) and bonds, and state education taxes. The rates listed for 2020 to 2022 are estimates that could fluctuate with changes in state taxes, property assessments and area growth. Note: HSD cannot collect more than the amount voters approve.

2018: $8.52*
2019: $5.88*
2020: $6.43*
2021: $6.24*
2022: $6.06*

*per $1,000 assessed value


For more information, please see our Levy Q & A.



Additional Levy and Bond Information

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What do my current HSD property taxes pay for?

This flier explains what the 2017-19 Levy for School Programs, Maintenance and Operations, and the 2016-2035 Capital Facilities Bond fund.

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